If you are a serious gamer you like to be confortable while you are playing your favorite video game. In this website we try and research the best gaming chairs and give you our honest review, so you can make an informed choice in your next purchase. We try everything, cheap, affordable and high end chairs and speak with specialists to find the pros and cons of every seat we test.

When looking for a new chair, besides looking for the obvious features like height adjustment and armrests you should pay attention to backrest. A seat that allows you a more upright position while typing and doing day to day work in your computer, but also gives you the ability to recline a little bit while you are playing a video game is ideal. So look for a chair with a locking backrest or an automatic tilt tensioner.

Something else you may want to look for is the fabric or materials the chair is made of. It could sound as a pure esthetic decision, but a breathable fabric versus a leather made seat can make the difference in a hot climate, so make sure to think about that when shopping.

It's impossible to tell you which seat will be the right one for you, but we do our best to show you every feature on each gaming chair we try. Then it's up to you to decide which one will be the right one for you.